Transform your career with new certification course at SUSCC

Published 9:00 am Friday, February 24, 2023

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VALLEY — June Abercrombie, the career pathways coordinator for Southern Union State Community College, told The Valley Times-News this week that a course being currently taught on the Valley campus is one of the best courses she has ever come across in her career in education, and she’s trying to get the word about it so enough students can sign up for it so it can be offered again this spring.

“It’s my favorite class,” she said. “We have put a lot of course work together that can lead to the kind of certification people need to get good-paying jobs.”

Students taking the course can get any one of five different types of certification in six weeks. This covers OSHA training, fork lift driving, CPR, financial literacy, computer literacy and work keys.

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“Getting this kind of certification is what’s needed to get in the door,” she said. “It can lead to better employment for anyone taking the class.”

Abercrombie said it’s her goal to get more people into short-term certification, something that can done at SUSCC.

Anyone who wants to know more about these

can go to the school’s web site, or contact Abercrombie at (334) 701-2724.

Abercrombie said she really likes it that people from many different backgrounds are in the winter quarter class that’s currently being taught by Bill Clifton. the injection and molding teacher at the Opelika campus.

There are some young adults not long out of high school and older adults looking to better their careers. Some of the students presently taking the course are driving in from Randolph County.

The class is ideal for those who work during the mornings. It meets from 4 to 8 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. There are 15 modules in the program. Anyone who completes all 15 will receive a free computer class at Southern Union. The fork lift driver training takes place at the Achievement Center in Opelika, the CPR training is by the Care Point Company, work keys presided over by Annie Gamill, financial literacy by Patricia Butts and computer literacy by Bill Clifton.

Being certified in OSHA training is something that is in much demand in the work place. If no employees on a work site have had OSHA training, there’s a much greater risk of accidents, and even deaths, at that site. An employee with OSHA training is a valuable asset to a company. They are well versed in getting jobs done in the safest manner possible.

There is a great demand for fork lift drivers right now. This is a demand that will likely continue because of the supply chain needs posed by the recovery from the pandemic.

It’s also important to have people trained in CPR. Individuals certified in CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) are prepared to make a difference in their community in being ready to jump into action anywhere a cardiac arrest happens. It also looks good on a resume.

In today’s information age, it is critical to be computer literate. An individual who is computer literate can perform their job more effectively and efficiently. Nearly half of the world’s population these days has a smartphone. Those who are not computer literate have fallen way behind.

Financial literacy is essential in having a good standard of living. Lack of this can have a devastating impact on one’s consumer credit scores, which impacts on their ability to obtain loans, credit cards, renting an apartment, purchasing a home and qualifying for a job.

“We want people to know about this program and how it can impact their life,” Abercrombie said. “It’s a very useful course, and I’d like to see more people taking it.”