WHAT’S IN A NAME? L.B. Sykes Community Center

Published 5:30 pm Saturday, February 25, 2023

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The L.B. Sykes Community Center resides at the current Lanett Recreation Department and former Lanier High School.

The building consists of two stories, and the second story was used by the True Sisters of Charity, which is a Christian organization dedicated to charity.

The first floor was a school, which was run by Christian organizations.

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The building used to be called the Blue Hall building.

In 1907, the school became Jackson Hill School, which was eventually changed to Lanier High School after George Lanier approved a grant to fund a new building.

L.B. Sykes began teaching at Lanier High in 1933.

Sykes served as the athletic director and established the football and basketball programs.

The football team was known as the Lanier Black Panthers.

In 1954, Sykes became the principal of the school while James A. Hardy became the athletic director.

Hardy would go on to coach at Lanett High after integration.

Sykes was a secretary, bookkeeper, maintenance man, counselor, policeman and judge while serving as principal.