Wood makes contribution to Chattahoochee Human Society

Published 10:30 am Thursday, February 9, 2023

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VALLEY — State Representative Debbie Wood recently made a $250 donation to the Chattahoochee Valley Humane Society (CVHS). This will allow for the purchase of four cat towers for the cat room at the CVHS shelter on Fairfax Bypass.

Cat towers (a.k.a. cat trees) are multi-level stands approximately four feet in height that give indoor cats plenty of space to leap, climb, scratch, jump and play. They are alternatives to indoor pets doing the same thing on furniture, counters or cabinets.They also offer safe, cozy places for your cats to relax, lounge or nap.

It’s a good rule of thumb to go by to have two feet in height for each cat. Anyone with a single cat will do well with one that’s two feet tall. Those with two cats need one that’s four feet high, and those with three indoor cats might consider one that’s six feet tall.

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It’s best to place a cat tower next to a wall. A cat will feel safer climbing or jumping on it. If it’s near a window it will give them a chance to see what’s going on outside. They will see it as their perch to watch birds moving around in the yard.

Since cats like to stretch and scratch when they wake up form a nap, cat towers offer them built-in scratching posts.

Cat towers make for great places for a cat to be when the owner is away at work.

Donations like the one made by Wood help the local shelter make needed purchases for the humane treatment of both cats and dogs.

For information on donations to the CVHS, go to its Facebook page. There’s a link to Amazon and one with Chewy with lots of items needed for proper pet care. In most cases, the items can be paid for online and shipped straight to the shelter, eliminating a trip to take it there yourself.