County assessing storm damage to roadways

Published 6:03 pm Monday, March 27, 2023

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West Point and Chambers County began the week assessing tornado and flash flooding damages after a weekend of severe thunderstorms. 

The county’s impassable travel advisory is still in effect. Many of the county roadways were damaged or flooded on Monday. The county engineer’s office assessed the damage across the county. 

Until they could be assessed, all roads and bridges were closed to the general public. Only emergency vehicles were allowed to travel on county roads and bridges. 

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Four road closures were confirmed as of 6 p.m.

  • County Road 09 is closed 0.66 miles Northwest of Highway 50 at Hunter Creek

  • County Road 09 is closed 0.76 miles Northwest of County Road 33 at a tributary to Chatahospee Creek

  • County Road 32 is closed 2 miles West of County Road 28 at a tributary to Chatahospee Creek

  • County Road 32 is closed 0.8 miles East of County Road 28 at a tributary to Finley Creek

  • County Road 48 is closed 0.43 miles West of County Road 54 at the Bridge over County Line Creek

  • County Road 48 is closed 2 miles West of County Road 98 at the LaFayette City Lake Emergency Spillway

  •  County Road 98 is closed 2.17 miles Northwest of County Road 48 at the Bridge over Chatahospee Creek

  • County Road 161 is closed 0.34 miles East of County Road 158 at the Bridge over Carlisle Cree

  • County Road 246 is closed 0.47 miles North of County Road 253 at Davis Creek

  • County Road 92 is closed 2 miles North of County Road 87 at Oseligee Creek

  • County Road 66 is closed from CR 51 East to County Road 28

  • County Road 65 is closed from CR 66 East 3.5 Miles to the Bridge over a Tributary to Chatahospee Creek

Highway 29 in Lanett was impassable throughout the morning as well as many other roads throughout the town. Public Information Officer Sgt. Kody Kent advised all travelers to remain off the roads. 

“Especially in Lanett, there are countless streets that are impassable,” Kent said.

North Lanier Avenue and 3rd Avenue were barricaded due to flooding throughout most of Monday. By 3:30 p.m., most of Lanett’s roads were back open. 

Most of the damage from Sunday morning’s tornado happened outside town limits where the city of West Point provides utilities services. There were a number of gas leaks and electrical lines that needed to be repaired. 

According to Tramell, some residents had to be rescued when their house flooded.

“The city workers as usual did a phenomenal job,” Tramell said. “Two weeks ago, they responded to the straight line winds that came through that took out so many trees, and they were back at it again doing what they do best, taking care of our community and keeping our utilities running. They did a stellar job.”

Thomas said a gas leak was also reported near the West Point Corner Store. He advised travelers to avoid the area.

“If people could avoid that area, that would be great,” said West Point Officer Cedarious Thomas.

Tramell said the Salvation Army is coming to West Point with a food truck. Many people from the community have donated time and clothing to clothing drives for storm victims.

“I’m very proud of the community for what they’ve done,” Tramell said. “I’m so happy with the way people have stepped up to do the volunteering that they’ve done. Just an overwhelming response from people wanting to help.”