LaFayette welcomes five new police officers

Published 10:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2023

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Five new officers were welcomed to the LaFayette police department by the city council members at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Officers Kasie Broome, Laquarious Lockhart, Lewis Hill, Xavier Kimber and code enforcement officer Kim Langley were recently hired by the police department. During the meeting, Chief George Rampey introduced the officers to the mayor and the present members of the city council.

“We have new officers that we’re very proud of, and we just wanted to take this opportunity to bring them before the mayor and council for you all to meet all of our offices individually,” Rampey said. 

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Ret. Vet. Officer Lewis Hill was presented with the 2022 Top Gun plaque by Captain Christopher Trice. The award recognized Hill for being the highest qualifier on the firearms practice range with a score in the 98th percentile. 

“He only missed one shot. He’s our 2022 Top Gun,” Trice said.

The council also voted on the Alabama League of Municipalities voting delegates for the 2023 Annual Business Meeting at the Alabama League Convention. Council member Tammie Williams nominated Mayor Kenneth Vines as the voting delegate and Council members Michael Ellis and Terry Mangram as the 1st and 2nd alternate voting delegates. The choices were approved unanimously.

The delegate votes on League leadership during the annual event. The convention also provides sessions, resources to municipal vendors and networking opportunities to city officials. 

The Community Development Block Grant Contract award was approved with its amendments for a bid of $1,322 million last night at the meeting. There was no discussion from the council. This comes after several bids and negotiations were made. During the last city council meeting, LaFayette’s grant writer Louise Campbell presented the bid to the council for consideration.