Point spring practice heats up

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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It may have been an unseasonably cold week in the Greater Valley Area, but Point football’s spring practice is heating up as the Skyhawks are preparing their roster for the 2023 season.

The Skyhawks got on the field at 6 a.m. on Tuesday in freezing conditions to try and build upon a solid first season under second year head coach Trevor Zeiders.

Zeiders gave an update on how his team is coming along with only six spring practices remaining.

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“It’s not bad,” Zeiders said.

“We still have a thousand things to work on, but where we’re at this point in the spring, I’m pleased. We still have a ton of work to do. The main goal for spring is for guys to learn. We have a lot of young guys. We lost a lot of guys that played a lot of football last year. We’re trying to get our young guys ready to go. They need to be prepared to step into their role in the fall. I wish we were farther ahead than we are, but we’re still learning as we go.”

Point will bring in around 40 new players, but Zeiders is facing the challenge of most of them not being on campus in the spring.

“We’re still working on fundamentals, but we’re also working on the scheme and the system,” Zeiders said.

“It’s understanding play calls. It’s understanding being asked to do different things on different plays. For example, on the defensive line, they have to hit their gap and go. There are other calls where they have to read it and can’t go straight to the quarterback. We’re trying to find more playmakers.”

Point’s offense in 2022 heavily relied on wide receiver Emery Bryant, but Zeiders is trying to find a way to get him the ball as more than a receiver.

“We want him to get the ball as more than just a receiving threat,” Zeiders said.

“We have some speed guys, but we have to figure out how to get them the ball.”

Zeiders has some new players he’s excited about, but they’re still getting adjusted to the system.

“They’re doing OK,” Zeiders said.

“Receiver Javon Wood has come along well. I think he’ll end up playing  a big role come the fall. There’s still a lot that has to be done.”

Point lost All-American Aaron Anderson on defense, and Zeiders feels like one player is stepping up in his role.

“BJ Finley has done a very nice job,” Zeiders said.

“BJ got a chance to start in the one game two years ago and had 14 tackles. I know he’s capable. He just has to learn and get extra reps.”

One of the biggest position battle this season will be at quarterback.

Starting quarterback Brenton White tore his ACL in 2022, but he’s still rehabbing.

“He’s maturing,” Zeiders said.

“It’s more about how quickly he gets through his rehab. He’s making strides. His recovery is slightly ahead of pace. Right now, it’s a battle. There’s a possibility that there’s a battle for the starter. It’s not that Brenton did anything to lose the job. We just don’t know how fast he’ll rehab. We’re bringing in two freshman and possibly two transfers after the spring. The best man is going to take the opportunity.”

Zeiders feels like he has some playmakers to help out whoever is at quarterback.

“Javien Leeks and Quintravious Teasley have done a nice job this spring,” Zeiders said.

“They’re both slot receivers. Nick Marien is having a really nice spring at tight end. All three have started to make more plays. At running back, nobody has really seized it. We still have guys who are rehabbing. They’re not practicing. Adam Sanders and Nadir Mitchell were in the top three of our backfield last year. Isaac Jones has looked good, but he runs track.”

Zeiders wants to see competition in their final six spring practices.

“We want to see who else can step up,” Zeiders said.

“The spring game is the one day where live bullets are flying. Are you ready to make plays? I’m very pleased with our overall progress.”

Point’s spring game will be April 1.