Road closures expected to last multiple weeks

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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On Tuesday morning, County Engineer Josh Harvill gave an update on the road closures due to damage by the flash flooding in Chambers County. 

Harvill was working on County Road 48’s closure west of County Road 54 at the bridge over County Line Creek Tuesday. The road will likely be closed overnight, but it may be open by Wednesday or Thursday.

The closure on County Road 32 west of 28 needs further inspection. Harvill is hopeful that it will be repaired soon, but it will likely be closed over the weekend. 

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The road closure at the LaFayette City Lake Emergency Spillway has sustained severe  damage. Harvill said the damage will likely have a long reaching impact. The lake has lost water supply.

“That one has had, I would say, catastrophic-like damage,” Harvill said. 

The bridge over Chatahospee Creek on County Road 98 also sustained significant damage. Harvill said the bridge will be closed for multiple weeks pending extensive repairs or a replacement. 

The bridge of Carlisle Creek on County Road 161 will likewise be closed for multiple weeks as Harvill works on repairing it. 

“We think we can save it,” Harvill said. 

The closures on County Road 9 0.66 miles northwest of Highway 50 at Hunter Creek and northwest of County Road 33 at tributary to Chatahospee Creek will be closed for multiple weeks. Both need new culvert pipes installed. 

County Road 32 also has a closure 0.8 miles est of county Road 28 at a tributary to Finley Creek. Like on County Road 9, the road needs a new culvert pipe. It will be closed for multiple weeks. 

The closure on County Road 246 north of County Road 253 at Davis Creek will also be closed for multiple weeks, awaiting the replacement of the culvert pipe.

The closures on County Road 92 at Oseligee Creek, County Road 66 and County Road 65  are not open yet. Water is still coming, and Harvill said they will need to do further inspections to these sites after the water recedes. However, he said those closures may be open by the end of the week.