Team WHIP tickled pink with St. Dunstan’s donation

Published 11:00 am Saturday, April 1, 2023

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During the March Madness and Mammograms fundraiser, Team WHIP received a donation of breast examination models from St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

“When we received the call that we would be the recipient of it, of course, as I say all the time, we were tickled pink,” said Team WHIP Founder Narfunda Ross. “It helps us keep our funding for what we want — to support our local survivors.”

Members Mary and Martha Guild of St. Dun’s Buns, the Auburn church’s charity group, bake and sell bread to help fundraise for local women, children and others in need. On Wednesday, the group made the donation to help Team WHIP (Working to Help Those in Pink) with their breast health and mammogram education.

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“This will help us in our preventative measures to the women in the community of what your breast should feel like and what it should not feel like,” Ross said. “So that will prompt you when you go to the doctor to ask for a mammogram.” 

The breast examination models are used to show women what to look out for and when to schedule a mammogram test. The models range from $75 to $150.

Ross said they plan to hold a free event for the community soon using the model to promote awareness for mammograms. 

One of Team WHIP’s partners, the Gene Machine at Auburn University, donated a single breast model to the organization. However, the new model will allow Team WHIP to have better representation for the community during educational events. 

“It was a Caucasian-colored breast. This one here is more so an African-American breast,” Ross said. “It’s different, so we as African Americans better relate to one, and then the Caucasian can better relate to one.”

Team WHIP, which started as a breast cancer awareness walk, became an organization dedicated to educating the public and assisting breast cancer patients and survivors. The group provides assistance with transportation for treatments, shopping for food and many other services.