MATTRESS MAYHEM: More than 200 mattresses were found dumped along CR 92 in LaFayette

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The city of LaFayette cleaned up approximately 200 used mattresses illegally dumped in five locations along County Road 92.

The mattresses were dumped into culverts, private lanes and three major creeks along the road in city limits. About 80 mattresses and box springs were cleaned up from the first two sites Tuesday morning.

“It is a mess,” said Street and Sanitation Superintendent George Green.

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Thirteen workers from the city street and sanitation department and the electric department spent the most of Tuesday clearing the mattresses out. The clean-up will be completed Wednesday.

“They’re always good about coming out and helping us out,” Green said. 

The dumped mattresses were discovered Monday night around 5 p.m. Green and Electric Superintendent Chris Sanders searched the road for more dump sites until 8 p.m. Green believes the dumping likely happened Sunday night. 

“We have an idea of where they came from,” Green said.

LaFayette Police Department began investigating the dumping last night. They have identified suspects for the illegal dumping, according to Green. He believes that charges will be made soon.

The first three dump sites were within the city limits, and the last two were within the police jurisdiction on CR 92. These are the same dumping sites that the city cleaned up in April.

Because of the metal springs, the mattresses cannot go to the local landfill. Green said the mattresses will be transferred to a temporary location while the city gets a contract to transport them to a disposal site in Montgomery.

“It’s really pretty horrible,” Green said. 

Green said in addition to the criminal charges, the perpetrators will likely be charged for the expenses of the city’s clean-up and the disposal of each of the mattresses.