Jackson Sanders to compete in MLB All-American game

Published 6:30 pm Friday, June 23, 2023

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The MLB is set to host an All-American game on July 7 at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. Valley’s Jackson Sanders is set to play for the National team. 

The game will be played at 4:30 PM and it will be aired on MLB’s website. The game will also air again the next day on MLB Network. 

The roster for the game is made up of high school prospects that are eligible for the 2024 MLB Draft from all over the United States. Sanders was one of two prospects selected from the state of Alabama. 

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“It means a lot to be selected as one of these kids to compete in this all star game,” Sanders said. “It’s really a great honor. Just really grateful for all the work I’ve been putting in and it coming to reality.” 

Sanders will also be in Seattle to witness the Home Run Derby and the 2023 MLB draft. It will be Sanders’ first time pitching in an MLB ballpark as well as his first time flying on an airplane. 

Sanders said that he is most excited about seeing the Home Run Derby and the draft in person instead of just on TV. 

The biggest part of this opportunity for Sanders is getting to play with, and against, other athletes with MLB level talent. 

“It’s gonna be great, especially having a MLB defense behind you almost,” Sanders said. “It’s really going to be eye opening just to see all the kids.” 

Another exciting part about this opportunity is the chance it gives Sanders to “pick the brain” of other players and add new elements to his game. 

To stand out in the game and to the national audience, Jackson plans to just be himself and let his game do the talking. 

“Really I just try to keep doing my own thing and really stay within myself, and not trying to be somebody I’m not,” Sanders said. “Just really be calm and play the game like I’ve always played it.” 

Sanders has already been having a busy summer before being invited to play in the All-American game. 

Over the summer, Sanders is also participating in the MLB Pipeline as well as a full schedule of travel ball. 

Just a few days after Sanders competes in the All-American game he will be hopping on a plane again to play in a showcase for Perfect Game. 

The hardest part about all these summer activities for Sanders is managing his rest while also trying to play to the best of his ability. 

“It’s hard to get sleep,” Sanders said. “Really just trying to get as much rest as possible when you’re on this summer tour.” 

All of these summer activities should help Sanders to dominate in the spring when he gets back on the field with Valley High School. 

“It’s definitely helping for sure when you’re facing the best talent in the world,” Sanders said. “Just the travel, that puts a toll on your body. So when you got a doubleheader in high school it’s not as much.”