Quentavious Whitlow named as an assistant coach for Pike Road

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Former LaFayette football and basketball star, Quentavious Whitlow, was hired last week to be the new wideout coach and assistant basketball coach for Pike Road High School. 

Whitlow played football at LaFayette High School for all four years of high school. He then would go on to play wide receiver for Huntingdon College. 

Whitlow majored in accounting at Huntingdon and will also be a math teacher at Pike Road High School. 

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Whitlow believes that growing up in LaFayette taught him several things that helped him in college and now as a coach. 

“I will say growing up in LaFayette taught you that not too many people expect you to do great things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t,” Whitlow said. “I saw a lot of people that came before me, that played the same sports that I played and went to school like I wanted to, actually come out on top and actually do what they set out to do. I wanted to mimic exactly what they did.”

Whitlow said that he had the opportunity to look up to several of his family members. Devon Mackey, Kirnard Mangram, and JR Jones were all players that Whitlow was able to look up to growing up. 

Before taking the job with Pike Road, Whitlow had been at Phenix City for the past two years. He was able to learn many lessons from Head Coach Patrick Nix. 

“It was a great experience,” Whitlow said. “Being able to learn from Coach Nix, being able to see how he runs his program. So I was able to learn a lot and it helped me a lot.” 

Huntingdon college also had a major impact on Quen Whitlow. Huntingdon is a smaller college, but Whitlow said that it was never run that way. 

“It was ran as if we were one of the biggest programs in the nation,” Whitlow said. “So basically just believing in yourself that you are the best, no matter who tells you if you are or if you aren’t.”

Huntingdon College is a Methodist college and Whitlow said that his time there helped him to grow in his faith as a christian. 

“Having a relationship with God was a huge deal for them,” Whitlow said. “I already had a great relationship with God, but going to Huntingdon just grew my faith even more.”

According to Whitlow, Pike Road’s team will have several young players this season. At his age, Whitlow believes that one of his major advantages will be his ability to relate to the athletes as well as the coaches. 

“I can relate to both sides since I’m 26,” Whitlow said. “I can relate to the young guys and I can relate to what the older coaches are trying to get them to do as well. So I think that’s a huge aspect that I bring to the coaching staff.” 

Whitlow’s experience as a collegiate athlete should also be a major asset to some of the players on the team that want to play at the next level. 

Pike Road recently competed in a 7 on 7 camp at Auburn University. Whitlow has already begun to see some minor improvements that he can help his players with. 

“I saw a lot of small details that I could definitely help them with that could progress their game even more,” Whitlow said. “We already have a couple of guys who are getting highly recruited. So I just think a couple of small details and intangibles could definitely soar them through the roof.” 

In 2015, LaFayette brought home a state championship in basketball. Quentavious Whitlow was the point guard for that team.
“It definitely wasn’t easy,” Whitlow said. Whitlow said that he was most nervous when playing the game before the regional finals. 

“I knew that it was either win or go home,” Whitlow said. “But after I got that game under my belt, I just knew that at the end of the day it was basketball and I just had to give my all no matter win or lose.” 

Through all of his experiences at LaFayette and at the next level, Whitlow has some advice to any Chambers County athletes that want to make it at the next level.
“If that’s their dream, don’t stop believing in it,” Whitlow said. “No one can deter you from your dreams but you.”

With it just being three years into his coaching career, Quen is not yet sure what the future holds. He is just taking it day by day and enjoying the ride. 

“I’m just right now taking it in as I go and enjoying the process everyday.”