Eberne Myrthil annonced as Lady Rams head coach

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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Valley High School has named Eberne Myrthil as the new head coach for the girls basketball team. 

Myrthil has had several coaching stops along the way. Before coming to Valley, Myrthil had stints coaching football, boys basketball, girls basketball and track. 

The position was first mentioned to Myrthil by LaFayette’s coaches. Myrthil has built a relationship with their coaching staff over the years. His family and the people of Chambers County played a major role in Myrthil’s decision to become a Ram. 

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“This is a move that had a lot to do with family,” Myrthil said. “It gets me closer to my family over on this side and also the people. It just happened so quick. One minute we were just talking, and then [an] opportunity showed up and here I am.” 

With him becoming the head coach at this point in the summer, Myrthil does not know yet what type of offensive scheme he will run. 

Myrthil believes that, as a high school coach, you have to taper your scheme to the talent on your roster. One aspect of his coaching that he knows will be evident on this team will be their effort on defense. 

“One thing that we try to hang our hats on is being able to play good defense because offensively you don’t know what kind of level of talent you’re gonna have,” Myrthil said. “But defensively it’s all about effort.” 

There will be an interest meeting held at Valley High School’s cafeteria at 5:30 PM on Thursday for any Valley High School girls that would like to join the Lady Rams. 

After the interesting meeting, Myrthil will begin workouts with his team next week. Formal tryouts for the team will not be held until after school starts back. 

Myrthil graduated from West Alabama, where he walked on as a defensive back for the football team. 

Before going to college, Myrthil served in the Marines for six years. His time in the military made his transition to coaching that much easier.

“Coaching kind of came in easy after having to deal with life and death scenarios,” Myrthil said. “Now, you’re just dealing with trying to get kids in the best position for them to succeed on and off the court.” 

Myrthil also credits the Marines for developing his time management skills and his attention to detail. 

Over the course of his career Myrthil has coached several boys sports as well as girls sports. He says that many of his coaching principles remain the same when it comes to coaching each sport. 

“It doesn’t change as much as people think it does,” Myrthil said. “The reality is, the young ladies wanted to be coached as hard. They want to achieve their goals just as much as a young man does.” 

The main difference that Myrthil has found with coaching boys as opposed to coaching girls is scheduling. 

“I think the only difference is probably scheduling,” Myrthil said. “When you’re coaching football, you’re the only team out there practicing. You’re the only team that has the field but in basketball you probably have to share a gym with the boys, the JV team and so on.” 

During his coaching tenure at Marengo County High School, Myrthil also served as a pastor for a church in Alberta. 

Myrthil’s work in ministry has helped him as a coach, and it helps to guide him with decisions. However, Myrthil does not believe in forcing his faith on others. 

“It goes hand in hand,” Myrthil said. “I try not to impose my faith on everyone because not everybody has the same faith. You don’t want to overburden people with your faith and religion, but you know I let my faith guide me.” 

The Lady Rams only managed to win five basketball games. However, Myrthil believes that the success of the boys team will help to grow the girls team in the future. 

“Last year, the male’s team went undefeated,” Myrthil said. “The level of basketball love is there. People want to see them succeed.” 

Myrthil wants to see the team set goals for themselves and work to meet those goals beginning in year one. 

“I believe in being successful,” Myrthil said. “Success is having goals and meeting those goals.”

The goal for Myrthil every year is to win their area. Once the team accomplishes that goal, he believes they can build up to higher goals.