Lanett ends first week of practice with scrimmage

Published 10:00 am Saturday, August 5, 2023

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The first week of fall camp is in the books. Lanett finished their first week of fall camp with an intrasquad scrimmage on Friday. 

After his first week of fall practice as the head coach, Chip Seagle felt pleased with where his team was at to this point in the process. 

“Well, it was good,” Seagle said. “You know, the kids showed up, the kids worked.” 

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One of the biggest keys for a coach is seeing the endurance of his team. 

With the way the heat was this week, their endurance was definitely tested. 

“The heat was something to be reckoned with, but for the most part [with] a little encouragement they overcame it,” Seagle said. “I told somebody, I said, We endeavor to persevere.” 

Earlier in the week teams were able to practice in close to full pads. 

Besides some mistakes, Seagle felt comfortable with what he saw in his team’s third day practicing with pads. 

“I guess what you expect for a scrimmage, third day in pads,” Seagle said. “It was good, bad and ugly.”

The offense struggled at times, but that can largely be attributed to the stellar play from the defense. 

“We got two really good running backs, [and] quarterback is coming on. 

The defense won the day, and that’s what most have come to expect from the defense led by Defensive Coordinator Charlie Williams. 

“Charlie’s defense is always going to be there,” Seagle said. “When the referee looked at me and rolled his eyes like ‘holy crap’, and I said, that’s the reason they’re the first defense. They come from all directions. So, it’s really tough to prepare for a Charlie Williams’ defense.” 

Lanett was able to simulate a game atmosphere thanks to the Big East Officials Association. 

According to Seagle, the referees officiated the scrimmage for free. 

“We can sit there and tell a kid, you know, you do that they’re going to call this, if you do that they’re gonna call that,” Seagle said. “Then, when the refs come out here, and they do exactly what we said they’re going to do…” 

According to Seagle, having the officials at the scrimmage helps to actually show some of the younger players what the officials will call during the game. 

Seagle plans to have another scrimmage next Friday with the exact same setup as this scrimmage. 

Going into their next week of practice, Seagle hopes to see more consistency from his offensive line. 

On defense, Seagle believes that the players need to do a better job of wrapping up on tackles. 

“Again, that’s [the] third day in pads, so some of that’s to be expected,” Seagle said. 

One surprise from this week was the ball security of the young team. 

Neither offensive group fumbled during Friday’s scrimmage. According to Seagle, there were also no fumbles during the entire week of practice. 

Lanett begins school this Monday, and they begin their normal after school practice schedule.