Dylan Reeves wins Athlete of the Week

Published 10:42 am Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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After having a dominant performance in all three phases of the game, Springwood’s Dylan Reeves has won Athlete of the Week. 

Springwood faced off against Meadowview Christian on Friday, and Reeves put together one of his best performances of the season. 

Reeves had three touchdowns and 152 all-purpose yards on Friday. Reeves returned a punt for a touchdown, a kickoff for a touchdown and he scored a rushing touchdown on a jet sweep.

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 “He’s an explosive player in all three phases of the game,” Head Coach Joey Burch said. “He’s added that dimension to us. Anytime somebody loads up to stop one of our athletes, it seems like another one takes over.” 

Even with the incredible offensive performance, Reeves feels his biggest improvement has come on the defensive side. Reeves had three tackles and one tackle for loss on Friday. He has become more adept at reading the opposing offense, and Reeves has improved in man coverage.

With Springwood up big over Meadowview, Reeves only really played for a little more than one quarter. 

Going into the matchup, Reeves and the rest of the team felt like they were better than Meadowview. Reeves viewed the game as a chance for the Wildcats to work on improving themselves. 

“Going into the game, I don’t think there was much stress on us as a team,” Reeves said. “I just wanted to work on things that we could work on to improve ourselves going into this week.”

Reeves is not a completely new addition to the team, but he was not on the team last season. After being at Springwood from K-4 to his Sophomore year, Reeves transferred and attended Troup County last year. 

Reeves did not play football at Troup, but he did play basketball and baseball. Reeves enjoyed his time at Troup, but he missed being on the football field. 

“Just seeing all your friends on the football field makes you want to go out there with them,” Reeves said. “I was like, senior year I’ve got to go back, especially seeing what happened in state just makes you want to go back to finish it off.” 

There were huge differences between Springwood and Troup County. Reeves wanted to experience those new challenges. 

“That’s another reason I wanted to go,” Reeves said. “I’ve been there my whole life, wanted to experience something new and I’m glad I did.” 

Seeing some of the new additions that Springwood added, two being Greg and CJ Johnson, made Reeves excited to return and compete on the football field and on the basketball court.

“I just wanted to come help and see if we can compete for that state championship again,” Reeves said. 

Rejoining Springwood this season was a smooth transition for Dylan. However, initially, he took less of a vocal leadership role so that he did not step on anyone’s toes. 

Despite not being at the forefront vocally, Dylan has become one of the team leaders with his work ethic. 

“He just goes to work,” Burch said. “ Dylan is kind of middle of the pack as far as being a vocal leader, but every day at practice he’s given it all he’s got. He’s encouraging kids in the weight room. We’re lucky to have him back here at Springwood after he left for a year. He’s an impact player for us and he’s one of our team leaders.”

“I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but obviously being a senior I had to take some type of leadership role,” Reeves said. “I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where the team can count on me whenever it comes down to something big.” 

Burch said that Reeves has not just been a leader for the players, he has also become another set of eyes for the coaches on the field. 

“A lot of times on offense he’ll come back and give me good suggestions, and it’s not always throw the ball to me,” Burch said. “That’s what you normally get. He really is a leader on the field, and like another coach on the field for me especially on the offensive side of the ball.” 

That knowledge on the field has come from an extensive amount of time studying film. Reeves uses his free time to learn and study Springwood’s next opponent. In fact, Reeves waits for film to be posted as soon as the previous game is over. 

“I kind of anticipate after the game, over the weekend, waiting to get that email notification,” Reeves said. “Every study hall I’m on my phone watching it.” 

This Friday is one of the Wildcats’ biggest tests this season. Springwood faces Cornerstone Christian. Cornerstone is one of the few teams to beat Springwood last season. Reeves thinks that Springwood needs to just limit its mistakes and not beat itself. 

“I think the only team that can beat us is us,” Reeves said. “I think we’re too talented to lose to a team that’s better than us. I think it comes down to us doing what we’ve got to do.”