Springwood’s leader on the offensive line

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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The Springwood Wildcats have been on a tear on the offensive side of the ball this season. A key part of their success has been the leadership on the offensive line. 

The leader on the offensive line has been Brayden Moseley. As a senior, Moseley is one of the more experienced players on the team. 

A lot of Springwood’s success this season has come from players who transferred in before the season. Moseley is not one of those transfers, he’s been a Wildcat since kindergarten. With all the young players and moving parts, Moseley’s leadership has been key for the coaching staff and team. 

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“Young guys and non-starters, you’ve got to set an example of just running through your drills correctly,” Moseley said. “Just setting an example by doing everything right. Little stuff matters. That’s how you become a great team and a great O-line.”

As an 8-man football team, Springwood only plays three offensive linemen. That has not made the line any less of a force. 

In the last game, the offensive line led the Wildcats to nearly 500 yards of total offense. Moseley and the rest of the line have made it a point to dominate the guys in front of them. 

“You can’t let anybody stop you on the offensive line,” Moseley said. “You have to have the mentality that you’re the best one out there on the field. You’re the biggest, strongest guy. As long as you just approach the game like that, you’ll be successful on the line.” 

If you have been around offensive linemen before, then you know that they can be some of the biggest trash-talkers on the team. Springwood is not a team full of trash-talkers, but the line makes a point to dominate the mental side of the game. 

“That’s one of the biggest parts of football,” Moseley said. “It’s all about your mentality and how you approach the game. I’ve been trying to approach it with a more aggressive mindset and just more passion this year.” 

Moseley has battled through knee injuries throughout his time in high school. Despite those injuries, Moseley has been present, and he’s remained on the field. 

“I’ve got to just think about the guys around me,” Moseley said. “I’ve got to give them an equal opportunity to win. I just want to be there for my team.”

Springwood’s one loss this season came in overtime against Cornerstone Christian. In that game, Moseley was moved from guard, his natural position, to center because he was dealing with a knee injury. 

“It really hampered up because he couldn’t do what he was good at, and it kind of took a big part of our offense away during that game,” Head Coach Joey Burch said. 

At guard, Moseley excels at pulling. Moseley leads the team in pancake blocks this season. Moving Moseley to center took that part of his game away, and it made the offensive line less dominant. 

Moseley’s improvement this season has come from self-motivation. 

After losing in the state championship last season, Moseley took responsibility and put it on himself. 

“It just made me work harder, especially with weight lifting,” Moseley said. “I can see certain aspects of the state championship last year, some points I wasn’t strong enough to play the game.” 

Offensive weapons like Luke Hudson, Dylan Reeves, Greg Johnson, CJ Johnson and Eli Johnson will get a lot of the credit for the offense’s production. That is completely warranted because those guys have been elite this season. However, Springwood will go as far as Moseley and the offensive line can take them. 

“I think that’s key,” Burch said. “Keeping them healthy and improving every single week. Our style of play is to be physical. We pound the ball to people, and then we draw defense up and we throw deep over their heads. That’s not possible if we can’t get that movement in the running game. Those offensive linemen, with him anchoring it, provide us that opportunity and kind of make our offense work.”