Lanett thanks commissioners for help installing traffic signals at exit 79

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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LANETT — City of Lanett officials have thanked county and state representatives for their help in securing a $2 million project to improve the lighting and to install new traffic signals on US 29 at Exit 79 on I-85. The project is now complete and makes for a much more impressive entry into Alabama from Georgia than the former lighting did. New night-time lighting along this portion of the Interstate had been long neglected. The aging poles that were replaced earlier this year had been there since this portion of I-85 was opened in 1964. Many of the original poles had rusted through and collapsed to the ground.

What’s there now is what one expect to have in the 21st century. It’s a state-of-the-art system and is an ideal way to feature the new Alabama visitor center that’s between Exits 79 and 77.

At its Monday meeting, the city council approved a Proclamation of Gratitude thanking the county commission, State Representative Debbie Wood, State Senator Randy Price, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), and city employees for what they did in making the project come to fruition. The citizens of Lanett and the surrounding area were thanked for their patience while the work was under way. A private contractor from Carrollton, Georgia did most of the work.

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The county commission contributed an estimated $120,000 for the project. The federal government contributed the lion’s share of funding.

“When travelers enter our great state of Alabama and the Gateway City of Lanett during the night-time hours, it’s important to have appropriate lighting to illuminate the highway leading to the city, as well as to our beautiful new welcome center,” Council Member Tamalita Autry read with great enthusiasm. “The City of Lanett would like to acknowledge the ones responsible for this and their due diligence in getting the new lighting and traffic signals installed and functioning properly.”

Recognized and thanked were Rep. Wood, Senator Price and Commissioners Charlie Williams, Sam Bradford, David Eastridge and James Williams.

“This is an excellent example of what can happen when the cities, the county and the state works together in a major project,” said Bradford.

“Even to someone like me who doesn’t see that well at night anymore,” joked Charlie Williams, “this new lighting is really beautiful. We are so fortunate to have it on our portion of the Interstate.”

Debbie Wood said lightheartedly that the lighting is so bright now that if a landing plane missed the Lanett airport they’d have no problem in seeing a place to make an emergency landing on I-85.

Wood thanked city officials and Lanett residents for their patience with this project. She said it was well worth the wait.

“People now know they are in Lanett, Alabama when they cross in from Georgia,” said Senator Price. “The new lighting leaves them with a good impression of our state and the first city they come to.”

Serving in the absence of Mayor Jamie Heard, Mayor Pro Tem Angelia Thomas thanked Price, Wood and the county commissioners for what they did in bringing a long-sought goal into reality.

In other action on Monday, the council imposed liens on some city property owners to recoup the cost of having cut the grass on abandoned lots they own. This will go onto their tax bill as a lien.

The largest amount imposed, some $3,961.25, is going to a church that no longer exists. The cost includes tearing down a building and cleaning up the site. The property is owned by the Helping Hand Mystic Church of Spiritual Prophecy by Revelation Corporation and is located on 15th Avenue SW.

A lot owned by Yvonne Elizabeth Fergus on North 15th Street has been charged $75, one owned by Gary Gerber on South 1st Avenue $311.25, one owned by Jeremy Smith on South 7th Street $161.25, a lot owned by Judy Watts on South 2nd Street $211.25, a site owned by Lee In Gue on South 1st Avenue $111.25, a lot owned by Lula Welch (c/0 Brenda Grant Davis) $211.25, and property owned by Gladys Zanders (Willie Ramsey Jr. estate) on South 1st Avenue $161.25.

Terry Reed was appointed to another term representing the city as a board member of the Chattahoochee Valley Water Supply District.

“This is homecoming week at Lanett High,” said Autry. “Go Panthers!”


THANKING COUNTY, STATE OFFICIALS — The Lanett City Council has approved a Proclamation of Gratitude thanking members of the Chambers County Commission, State Senator Randy Price and State Rep. Debbie Wood for working with the city in having a lighting and traffic signal improvement project at Exit 79 and along the portion of I-85 that heads toward Exit 77. Shown above, in front from left, are Council Member Tamalita Autry, State Rep. Debbie Wood, State Senator Randy Price and Commissioners Charlie Williams, Sam Bradford, David Eastridge and James Williams. In back, l-r, are City Attorney Stanley Gray, City Clerk/Treasurer Deborah Gilbert and Council Members Tifton Dobbs, Ronnie Tucker, Angelia Thomas and Tony Malone.