Shawmut Elementary students celebrate Hispanic heritage

Published 8:30 am Saturday, October 21, 2023

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Students at Bob Harding Shawmut Elementary School celebrated Hispanic Heritage Day with multicultural food and a passport activity to give representation for the increasing population of Hispanic families in the district. 

Parents brought in food like tacos and empanadas to represent different Hispanic countries. 

Students prepared in class by researching different Spanish-speaking and Latin American countries. At each “country” station, student ambassadors presented facts about the country’s climate, culture and food to their classmates who then got stickers for their passports. 

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The countries represented during the event were Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela and Guatemala. 

Chambers County School District Superintendent Dr. Casey Chambley said there has been an increase in Hispanic families in the county. 

BHS Bilingual Parapro William Meeks organized the day as a way of giving the school’s ELL a spotlight and bringing Hispanic families into the school community.

Meeks said although they are bright, many of the ELL students are at varying levels of English fluency and have to start from the ground up. His goal for the program was to build students’ confidence and awareness of diversity.

“We’re getting and we’ll continue to get more Hispanic kids and families in this area, and we need to find ways to bring them in and welcome them and incorporate them into our community,” Meeks said. 

Many parents were happy to get involved with their children’s school and bring in traditional meals to represent different cultures.

Chambley said the program showcased the improvement that many English language learners have made. The program also gave them a chance to take a leadership role with their classmates.