CCSD asks for school memories ahead of consolidation announcement

Published 9:51 am Thursday, January 11, 2024

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As The Chambers County School District (CCSD) ramps up to present the first looks of the new consolidated High School to the public in early February, they are first looking to the past.

On Wednesday morning, CCSD made a post asking the community to “help preserve our rich history for all of our schools past & present as we prepare for a new consolidated high school.”

On the post was a Google form link where parents, current students and alumnae can post videos or photos associated with a Chambers County school. Below it asks participants to tell the story behind the upload. The post can be of any school in the district, including schools that have closed. The project will collect memories of the schools and community within Chambers County. The CCSD hopes to feature some during the presentation announcing the news on the consolidated Chambers County High School, including the school mascot, the school colors, and some early renderings of what the campus will look like.

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Casey Chambley, the CCSD Superintendent, wanted to commemorate the history of not only the Valley and LaFayette, the schools that will consolidate, but also the other schools throughout the community’s history.

“We’d like to have like a little video and a slideshow that commemorates kind of how we got to where we are,” said Chambley. “[There are] a lot of different groups and traditions have kind of woven in the fabric of what we are and what we’re becoming with a new school. It’s not just Valley and Lafayette. Chambley mentioned the old Chambers County High, Five Points High, JP Powell Training School and Rehoboth High as examples of the schools that are a part of the area’s history.

“[Chambers County High] is going to be their high school. It’s the county school and we wanted them to have the opportunity for us to go back and reflect on what has made us what we are and what we’re going to be,” said Chambley.

The superintendent aims to have the presentation in early February. The CCSD is likely going to hold the presentation at the Langdale Auditorium due to its Audio-Visual capabilities. In order to have time to put together the slideshow, they will close the Google form in late January. The final slideshow of pictures and videos will be posted to the CCSD website after the presentation.

Chambley said that CCSD and the architects have worked closely with the community to incorporate elements of both LaFayette and Valley High into the design of the high new school. Chambley discussed the possibility of murals, statues, and a combined large trophy case to encase both the schools’ awards.