Commission makes proclamation for Valley Haven School events

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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The Chambers County Commission made a proclamation for the Valley Haven School Hike Bike Run fundraiser during Monday night’s commission meeting. County Commissioner Sam Bradford read the proclamation, naming the week of April 7 as LaFayette Day Week and the week of April 28 as Hike Bike Run Week.

Valley Haven School provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“The Hike Bike Run in particular, and the LaFayette Day, means a lot to us that y’all get behind this and support this cause,” said Chris Busby, board president of Valley Haven School.

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The Hike Bike Run event combines efforts each year to raise funding and support for the school. LaFayette Day is another annual fundraising event to support the school, which is hosted in downtown LaFayette.

This is the 48th annual Hike Bike Run and the 28th annual LaFayette Day. This year’s LaFayette Day is on April 13 and the Hike Bike Run is on May 4 at the Valley Haven School.

“Without your support, and not just allowing us to use the grounds but your volunteer time, we couldn’t make this a success,” Busby said. “So I wanted to just once again and tell you all thank you. We really appreciate it.”