Story wins Probate Judge race

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Incumbent Paul Story has defeated political newcomer Troy Davis and will serve a second term as the Chamber’s County Probate Judge.

Story received 77 percent of the votes with 2764 ballots cast for him, to beat Davis who received 23 percent of all votes, 804 votes. Voter turnout was low, consistent with a primary election. Although, Story was happy with the turnout considering it was a rainy election day.

Story first thanked his supporters and the poll workers. 

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“It was a good race, [Davis] is a kind young man and I hope to see him continue to grow in this community as well outside of this,” Story said. 

Story has been serving his first term in office since 2018. He had to recuse himself from some of his duties during Election Day, as the probate judge is the county election manager. He was unable to go to the polling sites on the day of the election. Davis did visit precincts.

This was Davis’ first time running for public office, having been a supervisor with Baxter Healthcare for four years. His decision to run was largely due to his childhood experience going through the probate system when he and his sister were adopted by their grandparents. Much of his campaign focused on adoption and mental health, which the office also deals with.

“We would have liked to have won,” Davis said with a laugh. “But I’m happy for Paul, I am happy for [Weldon] and [Newton] and I’m thankful for all the support we received from everybody.”

Davis also wanted to express his gratitude for the county as well as his wife and supporters. 

“I just hope Mr. Paul does the right things and push the push to the office in a forward direction,” Davis said.

Davis plans to continue to serve his community. He hopes to become more involved with local organizations to, “be able to reach out to more people and show our face more.” Davis said he does intend to run for office again and plans to try for probate judge during the next cycle. 

“That would give me more time to touch up on the curriculum and to continue to study the handbook for Alabama probate judges. Hopefully, we’ll flip the flip the script next time,” Davis said.

Story, the incumbent, said his second campaign has been eye-opening.

“I will tell you also another point this is during the campaign cycle, good and bad. So I’ve also been able to hear some of the concerns that people have had,” Story said. 

Story will begin his next term in 2024 to serve another six years. In the meantime, he has plans for the probate office in the near future.

“I would like to do some basic election day training in the community, I would like to see that grow as well as mock elections at the schools to assist those coming of age to become a registered voter…. there are some other programs that I’m working with at the state,” Story said. Laughing he added, “So just the biggest thing is going to bed.”