Abrianna Green was an all-around star for the Beulah Bobcats

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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May brings the end of high school journeys for students across the state of Alabama. Beulah held its graduation on May 21 and it brought an end to the high school journey of one of the Bobcats’ top softball players. 

Abrianna Green took the stage at graduation as Beulah’s valedictorian after also leading the Bobcats on the softball field in 2024. As a senior, Green finished with a .478 batting average, 33 RBIs and three home runs. 

Managing school work and athletics is tough for any high school athlete, but being at the top in both is a whole different challenge. For Green, it all came down to priorities. Green never did homework because she never had any. Green worked harder than most in class, got her work done early and let softball and her family take precedence once the bell rang each day. 

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“I honestly didn’t do homework. I was not going to get it done because of softball and all the things after school,” Green said. “I made sure to focus in class and get my work done. School is for school, and then after school is for family, softball and all the other fun things that I did.” 

Green figured out a work-life balance quickly and got her work done each day despite it not coming with her. Green’s extra efforts put her near the top of the class, and she found out that she had a chance to become valedictorian early in her senior year. 

Green did not want the pursuit of the valedictorian title to consume her senior year. Instead, she just kept doing her normal routine and let the chips fall where they may. 

“I just made sure that I did my best, and whatever happened was going to happen,” Green said. “Getting that valedictorian title was really honoring because it showed that when I do my best I will have a blessing come out of it.” 

Green has a full slate of travel ball set for the summer, and she signed in the fall to continue her softball career at Columbus State University. 

Softball has been a major part of Green’s life for as long as she can remember. Now, Green just hopes to continue building on her softball career as a freshman in college. 

“My goals are to just do my best,” Green said. “I want to make a great impression with my teammates and coaches on and off the field. I want to try to earn a starting position my freshman year. I know that there are a few positions open. Going into the summer, I’m going to play travel ball with Easton, and I really just want to be developed into the best player I can be. I want to be confident on the field, and I want that to show when I go into my freshman season in the fall.” 

In 2023, Beulah’s softball team had other seniors like Brandy Phillips leading the way. In 2024, Green, Elizabeth Hancock and a handful of other seniors realized that it was their show. 

The Bobcats fell short of the state tournament this season, but the seniors came together during regionals, and Green felt as though they finally started to play Beulah’s brand of softball. 

“That kind of came with, there’s nobody else to lead. This is our time to lead,” Green said. “You’re thrown into the position of being a senior and being the one girls look up to. I think we all really took that as a challenge to be better than we were last year. That was definitely the goal.” 

“Assuming that role was really fun,” Green added. “I loved being able to lead the girls in a way that would honor our coaches, teammates and the fans that came to watch us.” 

Any coach or teacher at Beulah High School will tell you that Green’s impact goes far beyond her dominance on the softball field or in the classroom. 

Green was known for her positive attitude during her time at Beulah. Whether it be on the field or in the hallway, Green was always flashing a grin. Green’s faith was an important part of her journey, and she wanted her teammates and classmates to realize that there was more to life than high school athletics. 

“I love showing joy and I love being positive, and that drive is really from Jesus,” Green said. “He has blessed me in so many ways and I want others to see that… I do love trying to be an example of him. It’s really important to me for people to realize that life is a lot greater than accomplishments in softball and academics. It’s much more than your grades and all that.” 

Green focused on softball throughout her high school career, but that does not mean she did not venture into other sports during her time at Beulah. Green was on the cheerleading team and basketball team from seventh grade until ninth grade and then joined the volleyball team for her sophomore and junior years. 

Green also joined the cross-country team as a senior almost accidentally. Green ran with a friend on the team to stay in shape, and then she found herself on the team before she knew it. 

Green was an all-around athlete for Beulah, but softball always held a special place for her. Green built lifelong bonds with her fellow Bobcats. 

“I’m really grateful for the bond that we developed,” Green said. “It was fun to grow up with these same girls and play with them my whole life… I think this year was my favorite season of all. I think that might be crazy to some because we didn’t do the best in our history, but we had the greatest bond. We all loved to mess around in the locker room… and doing everything we could to spend more time together.” 

“Coach [Stan] Pepper just added to it. He’s got this really silly side on the other side of his really strict softball coach side,” Green added. “He really helped off the field making it feel like just a fun family gathering.”