Dual-sport athlete MyAsia Ellis wins big at state track meet

Published 2:11 pm Monday, May 13, 2024

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LaFayette’s track and field program has been one of the most dominant programs in the area for several years, and the Bulldogs have produced another champion in MyAsia Ellis. 

Ellis finished first in the 2A girls 100-meter dash with a mark of 12.47, with the second-place finisher coming in at 12.54. Ellis has won several competitions during her time with the Bulldogs, but this was the first time that she found herself at the top of the podium at the state meet. 

 “Last year, where I’m at now, I wasn’t that,” Ellis said. “I was coming in third place or fourth. To see that I’m on the top, I was like ok, I’m glad. My coach taught me well.” 

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Beyond just taking home the first-place honor, Ellis also set a new personal record for herself earlier in the competition. 

“I didn’t believe myself,” Ellis said. “I was like oh my God, I just ran a 12.3.”

Ellis always had the talent, and she had the support system around her to develop her talent. However, Ellis’ journey to becoming a prolific track star did not come without its hurdles. 

Ellis consistently found herself in trouble with teachers and coaches when she first began running track. At times, Ellis was a troublemaker and it could have kept her from ever realizing her full potential as an athlete. 

“They [told me] that if I didn’t get my act together I wouldn’t do sports,” Ellis said. “I had to grow up.” 

Ellis’ teachers and coaches pushed her to mature through the use of tough love. After losing the option to compete in track meets, Ellis began to get her act together because her love for the sport would not allow her to throw her chance away. 

“They took my track meets away and everything,” Ellis said. “I went home and started crying because track is my life. I love running.” 

Ellis gives several teachers and coaches credit for helping her grow as an athlete and an individual. Few impacted her the way coach Corey Thornton did during his time leading the track and field program. 

Thornton, who passed away earlier this year during track season, saw something in Ellis that few others did. He encouraged Ellis to join the team as a seventh grader and continually pushed her to reach her full potential. 

“I didn’t want to run at first,” Ellis said. “He pushed me. He knew I could do it, but I didn’t know I could do it.” 

Thornton’s untimely passing struck a chord in Ellis. All the hard work and extra exercises that she did not always want to do, she began doing to honor his legacy. 

“I didn’t want to run the hills and stuff,” Ellis said. “He always told me it would catch up on me. Last year, it actually did catch up on me… After he passed, I just started working hard.” 

Ellis knew she had to push herself to win a state championship. She did that, and she did it all for the coach that pushed her when she needed it. 

“When I get down in the blocks, he’s the main thing on my mind,” Ellis said. “I’ve got to do this for coach. I did it for him.” 

In her senior year of high school, Ellis also took on volleyball for the first time and loved it. Ellis became an integral part of LaFayette’s volleyball team this season, and she only wishes she could go back and play it sooner. 

“I loved it so much,” Ellis said. “I should’ve been playing it. It was so fun.” 

Ellis’ time at LaFayette High School is winding down, but it is likely not the last time she’ll be seen dominating the track. Ellis has received interest from small colleges this season, and she has already built a relationship with Springhill College in Mobile.