MaKayla Foster made an impact on Chambers Academy during her senior season

Published 11:59 am Saturday, June 15, 2024

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There were a plethora of standout softball and baseball players in the area in 2024. Few were able to make as big of an impact as Chambers Academy’s star pitcher and first basemen MaKayla Foster. 

Foster came into her senior season as one of the most touted players on Chambers Academy’s roster after posting a .476 batting average with 42 RBIs and 10 home runs as a junior. Still, Foster was able to exceed the already loft expectations as she finished her senior season with a .560 batting average, 54 RBIs and 15 home runs. 

“I just started being more aggressive,” Foster said. “Swinging at first pitches, watching the ball and seeing it early out of their hands. Just going up there with the mindset of see the ball, hit the ball.” 

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Foster saw a ton of improvement as a senior, but it was not the beginning of her journey to become a dominant softball player. She began playing the game when she was around six years old. 

Softball consumed every part of Foster’s life from elementary school all the way past her taking the stage at high school graduation. The sport has meant everything to her. 

The sport also developed Foster’s relationships along the way. Her parents showed up to every game and event they could and supported her every step of the way. Softball helped Foster develop a tight bond with her dad as the pair would stay up late talking about college softball and the sport as a whole. 

“Honestly, it means everything to me,” Foster said. “It’s all I’ve ever done. My dad and I, we just love it so much. It’s life really.” 

“They’re extremely supportive,” Foster said. “They’ve been with me for everything softball-wise. I know it’s made me and my dad really close… and my mom as well.” 

Luckily for Foster and those who have supported her along the way, her softball journey did not end with her last at-bat as a Rebel. Foster signed to continue playing the sport she loves at Southern Union. 

Foster’s love for her home greatly influenced her decision to commit to the Bison. The short drive gives her parents the opportunity to continue supporting her every step of the way. She also fell in love with the campus and the coaching staff at Southern Union

“It’s like 40 minutes from my house, and I wanted to stay close to home,” Foster said. “We just thought that was the best fit for me.

Southern Union is the next step for Foster, but ultimately it is a stepping stone for her to accomplish her dream. Foster grew up wanting to be an Auburn Tiger. She hopes to dominate as a Bison and eventually find her way to playing first base at Auburn University. 

“I’m hoping to go past that,” Foster said. “I’m hoping to go there and continue hitting and hopefully Auburn will see me and I can transfer. That’s the goal. That’s always been the goal.”

Playing collegiate softball will be unfamiliar territory for Foster, but she has overcome being the new kid on campus before. She transferred to Chambers Academy from Valley in eighth grade. 

Despite the place being new to her, Foster found an immediate home as a Rebel. She has since fallen in love with the school and developed a tight bond with the administration. 

As a senior, Foster found herself as one of just a few seniors on a team full of younger players. The younger players had to log a ton of innings on the mound, and there was a lot of frustration along the way. The Rebels had an up-and-down season but started to find their stride near the end. 

Foster acted as the steadying force for Chambers Academy. She served as a role model and an encouragement for all of the younger players. 

“I was kind of the one who would calm everyone down because we had a lot of frustration with our bats and getting the ball in play,” Foster said. “I would tell them that it’s ok. Change your mindset and just see it and hit it.” 

Foster developed a tight bond with head coach Jessica Patterson, to the point where the two could communicate without any words being spoken. All of the relationships that she built over the years will be tough to leave behind, but Foster is already working to become a better hitter and continue dominating on the diamond.