Madyson Snedigar’s recruitment heats up before her senior season

Published 11:29 am Saturday, July 6, 2024

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Recruiting often heats up for high school athletes between their junior and senior seasons. Beulah star pitcher Madyson Snedigar has now drawn the attention of college coaches and received her first offer this week. 

Snedigar was Beulah’s ace last season and one of the team’s best hitters. She finished her junior season with a .349 batting average, 25 RBIs and one home run. As a pitcher, Snedigar logged a 2.69 earned run average and finished with an 11-8 record. 

Throughout her junior season, Central Alabama Community College softball coach Greg Shivers kept his eye on Snedigar. The attention from Shivers eventually led to Snedigar getting the offer from CACC this summer. 

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“Since my high school season, he’s been watching me,” Snedigar said. “I reached out to him through email, and I was like ‘I’d love to come out for a visit or a workout.’ I went and he was like ‘We’re going to offer you.’”

Snedigar’s visit to CACC on June 25 secured a part of her future, but it was also more than that. Playing at the collegiate level has been a dream of hers since she was playing in 8U. The offer that she received this summer felt like she accomplished part of that dream. 

“Probably since I was eight playing 8U softball,” Snedigar said about her dream. “I felt like my goal was reached when I got that.” 

Snedigar has reached her goal and gotten an offer to play college softball, but she knows there is more work to be done. First things first, she has to prepare and strive for an even better season as a senior. 

As a junior, Snedigar was the team’s ace and one of the best hitters on the team, but she will have to be more than that as a senior. She will be expected to be the team’s leader as a senior both statistically and vocally. 

“Just to get as many reps as I can and try to get better every day,” Snedigar said. 

“Just be more positive than we were last year,” Snedigar added. “Communicate better and just build all of our friendships back that we had before.” 

Snedigar has played softball for most of her life, and it is the sport she’s grown to love the most. She also plays basketball and volleyball for the Bobcats. Snedigar began playing both of those sports when she got to high school. 

Volleyball and basketball have never been able to overtake softball for Snedigar, but the two sports have helped her on the diamond. At the volleyball nets, Snedigar is one of the high-flying attackers for Beulah. On the hardwood, she is one of Beulah’s forces on the inside. 

“It keeps me active, that’s for sure,” Snedigar said. “Volleyball and basketball keep me in shape when I’m not in season for softball.” 

Playing three sports means that Snedigar has been able to learn from several different coaches with different coaching styles. Allison Aikens coaches her volleyball, Jeff Lamb coaches her on the hardwood and Stan Pepper coaches Snedigar on the diamond. 

The three coaches each have their own way of doing things, but they have also each been similar in the way they support and encourage Snedigar. 

“They all believe in me, so that’s a good thing,” Snedigar said. “They all push me because they know my potential. I think that’s probably the biggest thing is them pushing me.” 

Snedigar is a true Bobcat. She started going to Beulah as a kindergartener and has never switched her allegiance. Growing up in Beulah has taught her a lot, and it also makes her upcoming senior year much more important. 

Over the years, Snedigar has grown to love Beulah. Going to school at CACC, if she chooses to, would keep her within driving distance, but she will still have to grow to love another community and school. 

“Beulah is like family,” Snedigar said. “Everyone knows everyone. I just want to make everyone proud and just have a great senior year.” 

Snedigar still believes she needs to make some improvements leading into her senior year. She has worked with pitching coach Kelsey Davis and the Beulah coaching staff to improve her accuracy. 

Snedigar believes that her role at the collegiate level will be as a pitcher, and she hopes to continue developing that side of her game before she takes the leap.