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Giving back during the holiday season

It is early November and Halloween is still fresh on everyone’s minds, but that hasn’t stopped stores, commercials and restaurants from pushing their Christmas deals ... Read more

1 week ago by Staff Reports.

New Poll Pads technology is expected to make voting process quicker

In less than two weeks, voters around the country will go the polls to decide important statewide races. In some parts of the country, record ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Mega Millions lottery expected to reach $1.6 billion by Tuesday’s drawing

The American Dream can be summarized as the opportunity to work hard, think big and accomplish something. It’s the idea that our country is based ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Grant approval for John Soules Foods project is good news for our area

The City of Valley has received some really good news about some grant applications, and that’s very good for the local area. Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Danger gone, now focus turns to aid

Many people in the Florida panhandle will spend the rest of this week sorting through rubble, trying to find any remnant of normal, everyday life. ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Local Art: More than how it looks

West Point Fine Arts, a group formed by art lovers with a shared desire to promote and spread their passion, will be holding an exhibit ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Pay attention to storm updates

Over the weekend, the newest and now potentially threatening weather system quickly emerged in the Caribbean, sounding alarm bells once again along the Florida panhandle ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Happy to be here in the Valley

As I drove across the state line Tuesday to begin my first day as managing editor of The Valley Times-News, I had a good feeling ... Read more

1 month ago by Daniel Evans.

Love’s could serve as economic boom

In September of 2017, Love’s Travel Stops entered into a contract with a local West Point family to purchase 20 acres of prime real estate, ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Lanett paving – it’s about time

During Monday’s city council meeting the city of Lanett awarded a new paving bid for $215,00 to Evergreen Erosion Control in Opelika. Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

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