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‘Amazing Shake’ develops necessary skills

Amazing Shake is a competition that was started at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta to give fifth and sixth graders the chance to be assertive, ... Read more

13 hours ago by Staff Reports.

Evans: Keep valedictorian and salutatorian

Many schools around the country have decided to stop naming a valedictorian and salutatorian, noting the added stress and competition it creates among students. Read more

14 hours ago by Daniel Evans.

Brady: Best at not quitting

I read somewhere about a man who audited a doctoral seminar on leadership. One day the professor asked each of the 16 participants in his class ... Read more

14 hours ago by Staff Reports.

Take precaution in the heat

If you’ve been outside in the last days, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s hot outside.  Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. Read more

1 day ago by Staff Reports.

Avoiding regrets in life

A mentor when I was younger insisted Monday was a good day for pastors since the pressure of the upcoming Sunday hadn’t yet settled in. He ... Read more

2 days ago by Staff Reports.

Swindle: Lawyering can be a dangerous line of work

Since the day the concept of “lawyer” came into being, many in the public have viewed lawyers in a negative light. Hundreds of thousands of ... Read more

3 days ago by Staff Reports.

Filush-Glaze: With grief: staring isn’t caring

Let me go ahead and make a bold statement by saying that we’ve all been guilty of “staring” at the bereaved. Read more

3 days ago by Staff Reports.

Our View: Best of luck Class of 2019

It’s graduation season in the Greater Valley Area, and we are excited to bring all our readers comprehensive coverage of all high school seniors walking ... Read more

3 days ago by Staff Reports.

It’s time for somebody to stand up for Israel

Recently in the halls of Congress, it’s become a much too common practice for some Democrats to spew hatred and anti-Semitism. Read more

5 days ago by Staff Reports.

Rogers: Education and state retirees also deserve a pay raise

Mike Rogers Congressman for Alabama’s 3rd district Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but here we are once again. Another year, another budget, and ... Read more

5 days ago by Staff Reports.

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